I have been telling stories for a very long time, but have been getting paid for it for only the last five years. Before that, my kids were getting them for free. Their tab is getting pretty big! As a K-8 librarian for the last two years, I performed weekly for all ages, from fairy and folk tales to a thrilling retelling of Macbeth and The Odyssey. The 6th graders loved Macbeth, of course. What 6th grader wouldn’t love a story with that much murder and mayhem?
But stories aren’t just for kids. I also performed at the Florida Storytelling Festival, where I will be one of the featured tellers in 2020! I won 3rd place in the Story Slam there in spring of 2018. Using stories to teach and inspire, I have been a presenter at various adult and youth conferences and loves tying stories and truth together for presentations that bring a message home in new and profound ways.

My favorite moment of storytelling is when I see a story “land”–that’s the moment where I see someone think about something in a new way because the story has snuck up on them. That is pure magic.

We all tell stories and we all love stories. We pass down stories around the kitchen table about our embarrassing moments, that time we wrecked the car, and what we did when we spent time with Grandpa when we were little. Part of the reason I tell stories is to plant the seed in others to tell stories themselves. As Neil Gaiman said, “We owe it to each other to tell stories.”
Linking storytelling and technology is key to perpetuating an art that connects us all. YouTube is the new campfire! I have a YouTube channel with storytelling episodes that are directed towards K-6th grade. You’ll find that under the “Miss Mo Storyteller” tab next door. These are a wonderful resource for teachers and families! The stories are organized into helpful playlists. Look for a podcast in the fall that will be a weekly theme based storytelling episode for all ages, combining folk tales and my own personal narratives.
If you have a classroom, conference, reunion, or event where you think a story might make a difference, let me know! Contact me me through this website, email, or social media!



“Thank You! My 5-year-old was glued to his seat for nearly an hour, which never happens!”
Barb, North Carolina


“The story was so fun and creative, and my kids have been singing the “Miss Mo Song” all day! Thanks for making my little girl’s birthday special!”
Emilie, Virginia


“The storytelling was fantastic!  The kids were all engaged and excited. The length and content were definitely appropriate.  The students loved your voices and how you involved them in the stories.  I would recommend you to others.”
Paula, 1st Grade Teacher, Montana


 “I just wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed your visit today! I really appreciate you coming.”
Ashley, Preschool Director, Virginia


“Morgen, you gave me a gift yesterday morning!!! As I made lunches for my kids before they left for school, they gathered around the computer and watched your story…even my teenager loved it.”
Sarah, Mom in Michigan